Today it’s the last chance to get a Whacky Mini!

Today crowdfunding ends on for the brand new Whacky Mini. At the moment we have funded around 4300 Euros.

If you want to get a Whacky Wit at a special price you should act now!  In about two or three weeks – right after the shipping of the startnext-items – we will add Whacky Mini to our online store where you than can buy it at the regular price.

Polyhedron Collider reviews Whacky Roll

Polyhedron LogoAnalogue gaming in a digital world – that is the slogan of Polyhedron Collider. And so they reviewed Whacky Roll  and come to this conclusion:

… as a game for kids Whacky Roll really hits the mark, while true that the roll and move aspect makes the game very random there are lots of tactical possibilities in both trying to block Whacky into a corner with the ghosts and taking advantage of power pills and knowing when to utilise a high dice roll to cheese it out of there.


Whacky Wit reviewed at Opinionated Gamers

Opinionated logoLorna has written a short review about Whacky Wit® at the Opinionated Gamers homepage. She rated it with four Points wich is the highest rating. We are very happy to see, that Whacky Wit® also is played and reviewed in the United Staates and we are also very proud that Joe Huber from also rated it high and loves Whacky Wit®. In december 2013 he auctioned a Whacky Wit board at the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund auction on

Lorna also has modified the Whacky figures a bit to give them more femininity – and that’s (for the history books) how “Madame Whacky” was created 🙂

Madame Whacky by Lorna
Madame Whacky by Lorna

Whacky Wit now on Indiegogo – Support the international Edition!

Indiegogo LogoWe are working on an international edition of Whacky Wit® which has no german text on the board and also has a multilanguaged rulebook. We already have the rules translated and printed in english, german, spanish and french – but for building a new board, doing the new layouts and trying to get the international version cheaper than before we need some pre-orders to buy higher amounts of raw materials. So what we need is about €9800 to get everything done. If we don’t reach the goal it doesn’t mean, that we can not produce, but it will be a little bit more difficult and delivery times will be as long as nowadays 🙂

Check out our Indiegogo-campaign and support us!

Great Whacky Wit® BGG Gamenight! teaching video

Whacky Wit in a 45 minute game teaching video session in the U.S.. BoardGameGeek TV with his Game Night! broadcast shows how to play Whacky Wit® and also shows up the small Whacky Roll at the end of the video.

We are very excited about this video, it is almost perfect in describing the rules and of course the conclusion of the game from the 36th minute pleases us tremendously.


Whacky Wit® game rules available for free PDF download!

For a long time we have been working on the new game rules of  Whacky Wit® and Whacky Roll and today finally it is available in version 1.0 as a PDF download . With this new guide, we have summarized all the ” paperwork ” that accompanies our games otherwise in a neat little book .

Not only the necessary warning and safety instructions , but also the instructions how to put on the stickers of  the dice of Whacky Wit®, Whacky Roll and the upcoming Whack Roll UltiMATe can be found in this manual.

The new guide is available in four languages: german, english, french and soain, Our special thanks to the hardworking translators : Dinah Roser , Roman Hasert , Catherine Ronck – Ridelle and Fabian Hahner .

In the next  days (if we find no more spelling errors ) the manual goes to press , and then will be included with the new versions of Whacky Wit® and Whacky Roll .